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Mummy Roll

Mummy Roll Introduction
SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Blender

Mummy Roll was published on the AppStore in May 2022 for iOS. It was built in in Unreal Engine 4.
I was responsible for all aspects of Mummy Roll, including 3D character modelling, rigging, animating, baking, re-topology, texturing, lighting, level design, UI, particle effects, programming and world building.
Mummy Roll was a finalist in The Rookies and also won an Excellence Award.


Mummy Roll Promo 1

Mummy Roll is a physics puzzle game. Your objective is to escape from the Pyramid, so Ro-Lo Tep can go out and party.

Mummy Roll Steer

Falling over will cause Ro-Lo Tep to switch into a ragdoll rolling mode, where he can be steered using physics controls.

Mummy Roll Ramp

Rolling is faster than walking and allows access to different areas, via ramps, smash-able walls, or smaller openings.

Mummy Roll Unravel

Rolling also causes Ro-Lo Tep to unravel and get smaller.

Mummy Roll Death

Unravelling too much results in death!

Mummy Roll Toilet Paper

Collecting rolls of toilet paper makes Ro-Lo Tep bigger.

Mummy Roll Carrying

Gold statues can be picked up and carried.

Mummy Roll Push

Marble blocks can be pushed.

Mummy Roll Elvis

Cosmetic items can be collected to let Ro-Lo Tep dress up as Elvis, for no apparent reason.

Mummy Roll Trap

Avoid pressure plate traps!

Mummy Roll Dung Ball

Watch out for giant scarab rolled dung balls!