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A Fistful Of Eight

SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Blender

A Fistful Of Eight was published on the AppSore in March 2021. I was responsible for all aspects of the game, including low poly 3D models with hand painted textures, environment shaders, 2D art, programming, AI, sound, balancing and mobile optimisation.


The camera pans in over the British fleet and towards the heavily guarded Spanish treasure, while a scroll informs you that: 

You’ve Mutinied From the British Fleet. It’s Time to go on Account. There’s Spanish Gold to Plunder. Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!

Whichever direction the player chooses to travel, they will encounter a large Spanish galleon being attacked by a couple of British ships. They can then choose to mop up the victors, but they will be damaged.
This was intended to teach the player that:

  • The British and Spanish are hostile to each other. 
  • Combat is not easy.
  • Spanish Galleons drop rum barrels which restore health.

To steal the Spanish gold, the player must circle around to the inside of this spiral shaped island. This design also acts as a funnel for the pursuing British fleet, drawing them into battle against the Spanish cannon towers. 

A brute force approach generally results in a quick death and a random Piratey saying.

A Fistful Of Eight

The treasure can be taken by any combination of three strategies:

Circle the island while shooting the towers, using your speed to stay out of range, until the path is clear.

Ignore the towers, but destroy the Spanish Galleons for health and then get in and out as fast as you can.

Red Harvest
Sail around drinking rum and leading the British fleet into the Spanish defences until there is no one left.

The player then has to escape the area by getting back past any remaining British Ships and into the open sea.